Rebeca Basulescu
Mihai Mutiu


The study aims to make a contribution to contemporary cake shop design. The main objective is to highlight the key elements in designing a successful interior design project, while looking at the personal project of Zephira shop that serves pastry and bakery goods. The article is composed by a short historical overview of the chosen domain, followed by the case study analysis. The next chapter talks about types of services, trends, concepts and how they apply to the presented project, followed by a conclusion which talks about how is it possible to create a contemporary interior design with ethnical touches. The interior design project of Zephira tries to extract elements from the Mediterranean culture and raw materiality in order to create a contemporary expression.


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Basulescu, R., & Mutiu, M. (2020). Contemporary trends in cake shop design. Journal of Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage, 3(2), 9-22. Retrieved from http://www.jauh.ro/index.php/JAUH/article/view/36


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