The Journal of Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage is a peer-review academic journal which publishes original research papers and advances theory, research and practice in the fields of architecture and urban planning. 

The interdisciplinary scholarly publication is aimed at advancing conceptual, scientific, and applied understandings of Architecture, Interior design, Urbanism, Built environment and Preservation and heritage studies.
Its articles include recent research findings, empirical research papers, theoretical and integrative review articles, book reviews and innovative new practices, creating a link between theory and practice, researchers and practicing professionals. 
Topics included, but not limited to, are:

  • History, theory and criticism of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design;
  • Inter- and multidisciplinary projects and state-of-the art case studies in architecture, restoration, urban planning and interior design
  • Research and assessment methodologies, survey techniques and intervention strategies 
  • Preservation, protection, development and management of architectural, urban and cultural heritage
  • New technologies and techniques of architecture and urban design; 
  • Innovative and traditional materials and techniques for repair, strengthening and restoration
  • Education for architecture, planning and urban design;
  • Design methods, guidance and control;
  • Sustainable urban planning and architecture;
  • Vulnerability and risk analysis regarding natural and man-made hazards for cultural heritage, new buildings and urban areas
  • Mitigation, adaptation and management of natural and man-made hazards’ consequences;
  • Non-destructive testing, inspection, monitoring and laboratory testing;
  • Experimental, analytical and numerical approaches in architecture, urban planning and structural design.

Technical papers should contain new theoretical and test (implementation) results in a rather detailed fashion. 
The Editorial Board will review papers within 3 to 6 months from submission and the authors will be notified on the outcome.